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In short...

Interactive Consult is a consultancy, supporting entrepreneurs, companies and public organisations to anticipate the future and to adapt to changing conditions. It provides expertise and services on business and organisational issues, especially where it comes to designing, introducing and implementing new business concepts, effective policies or organisational change.

We assist visioning, guide development processes and identify opportunities to create new outlooks. By aligning policies, pooling interests and organising engagement we unite stakeholders and bridge gaps. Planning by doing is how Interactive Consult puts strategy in practice and creates organisational change where needed. To create enduring impact we continuously pay attention to capacity building and client learning processes.

Featured posts

International study tour: better coherence as future challenge for the Rotterdam area

As a sequel to an international think tank consultation we conducted a study tour to the Netherlands. The aim was to see how an economic and socially important region as the Rotterdam area anticipates on current trends. Is the region aware of the impact of future developments? What does it take to respond to challenging opportunities?

ChallengesLocal leaders are aware of the need to adapt to changing dynamics. Nevertheless, current plans and for the future seem fragmented. More coherence is conditional for a more comprehensive and networking approach based on local ownership.


Value creation with regional concepts

Small and medium sized entreprises can enhance their future perspectives by better focusing on value creation for their region as a whole instead of for their own company. Currently, an inventory is being made of existing regional concepts and their successes and failures. With the outcomes we expect to better support the strengthening of regional economies.

Regional development

Scenario thinking for reorientation in regional development

scenariosThe ambitions for a region are often a compromise of political and administrative goals and available public resources. It makes a region dependent on short-term developments. This can be done differently. By developing scenarios of unlikely but possible developments on forehand, one is much better prepared for unforeseen situations. Scenario thinking improves decision making, promotes involvement and offers tools for the future. Scenarios are the link between future and strategy. The case study of Biesbosch and Land van Heusden en Altena forms an example.


Our expertise

Knowledge, experience and skills

In regional development we focus on four services that are explained in the expertise page.

programme development: integrating goals, views and interests into a regional programme;​

mobilising individuals and organisations for (temporary) alliances and partnerships;​

capacity building:
empowering a region's own parties;​

directing and managing programmes and projects and thus ensuring results.

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