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Interactive Consult is a consultancy, supporting entrepreneurs, companies and public organisations to anticipate to the future and to adapt to changing conditions. It provides expertise and services on business and organisational issues, especially where it comes to designing, introducing and implementing new business concepts, effective policies or organisational change.

Network based

Interactive Consult deliberately chooses to be a small organisation, which conducts its business by networking. This offers our clients and ourselves flexibility. We remain focused on the interests of our clients and their stakeholders, and through our network we are able to find the right complementary expertise to deploy.


Interactive Consult is the initiative of Marien Sonneveld. After graduating in Horticulture and Business Economics and a post-graduate education as management consultant, he has been working almost 20 years in consulting and management positions in the sector of business services and public-private partnerships. In 2004 he founded Interactive Consult to serve regions developing towards a more sustainable society by connecting different worlds, building local engagement and directing the creation of new future prospects.

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