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Overview of projects

Below is a list of selected projects in chronological order. Click on any of the activities for further information and references to other sources. The cases in this portfolio provide an overview of our working field, our approach and activities.

Study tour to peri-urban Rotterdam area

Conducting a study tour for global professionals in regional development

Compiling experts' impressions and background information

Writing a detailed study tour report with reflections on the regions issues


Exploring future chances for Voorne-Putten (ongoing activity)

Some observations. Over the years much repetition

Finger on the weak spot. Some proposals for approach to third parties

Getting engaged and involved. Identifying driving forces and key figures. Building momentum and choosing roper timing


Redirecting the strategy of Wijde Biesbosch

Intervention in ongoing regional development process, initiation of change

Advising and assisting the reorientation process

Redirecting of the public initiated process, mobilising new forces from the region

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Expert meeting for the Biesbosch and Land van Heusden en Altena area

Conducting an expert meeting for an outside the box reflection on developments and opportunities for this area

Converting the findings into alternative options for the long term

Tools for decision making with scenario planning


 Regional development at the Maasmeanders

Intervention in the regional development process, based on the parable Our iceberg is melting!, by Kotter and Rathgeber

Stimulating initiatives by entrepreneurs

Combining proposed project ideas in building blocks for regional concepts

 Study visits of NGOs from East Europa and the Balkans

Capacity building in practice by study visits and exchanges

Setting up exchange programmes on regional branding and civil participation

Organising and guiding exchanges

General management of Regiowaarde

Responsible for policy, and network and programme development

Daily management and representation of Regiowaarde

Utilising expertise in rural and regional development, initiating and organising knowledge events like exchanges, study visits, masterclasses and symposia

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 Study tour to West Cork - Ireland

Knowledge expedition: study visit for exploring practical knowledge and experiences of regional branding and quality assurance

Capacity development through knowledge exchange and network cooperation between regions from different countries

Knowledge transfer: disclosure of experiences, preparing application of gained insights



Regional branding as a catalyst for development of the Groene Woud area

Materialising the branding idea, conducting the involvement of local parties

International learning and exchange of experience in regional branding

Applying gained knowledge for a regional developement process in the Groene Woud area

Reflecting and reporting about the process, and connecting it to other projects and events

Branding Het Groene Woud

 Green Agenda training for NGOs in Romania and Bulgaria

Expertise on sustainability, rural development, chains and networks

Input of Dutch cases and practival experiences

Training in application of the Green Agenda method in processes of rural development


 Fieldtrips for international partners of the Interreg-project Lifescape

Selection of suitable cases and pilots, setting up four exchange programs

Mobilising local involvement

Coordination of the mutual exchange and application of practical knowledge



Founding the knowledge network Regiowaarde

Writing the businessplan, building partnerships, financing

Design the organisational structure, contracting, acquisition

Corporate design and communications

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 Administrative merger of primary schools

Creating commitment for the merger

Preparing board's decisions, supervising execution

Advice for the operational organisation

Development of an adequate management model



VCO De Kring

Programme design for governance issues in regional development

Starting-up and guiding pilots as input for a case-based programme

Designing a programme for governance issues based on practices

Gaining commitment from practice, governmental and knowledge organisations to participate and to finance


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