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Study tour to West Cork - Ireland on Quality Assurance in Regional Branding

Outline of the situation

Entrepreneurs in the Kempen and in the National Landscape Het Groene Woud, two regions in the Province of Noord-Brabant, have decided to cooperate in positioning their regions through regional branding. The first joint project concerned the exchange and application of knowledge about quality assurance and its significance for the branding process. The Fuchsia Brand Initiative in West Cork - Ireland has many years of experience with quality assurance systems for different business sectors. Therefore, the regional organisations for the Kempen and Het Groene Woud have requested Interactive Consult to conduct a knowledge expedition for an entrepreneurs' delegation to West Cork. Based on our expertise in regional development we have broadened the scope; not only quality assurance, but also its significance for regional branding and the place of branding in the development of the region has been given attention.

Capacity building: learning from experiences of others

In cooperation with our contacts in West Cork we translated the wishes of the two Brabant regions into an intensive three-days program. Short presentations and discussions with experts were interspersed with visits to restaurants and businesses in tourism, agriculture and crafts. The visits enabled the participants to inquire into the Irish entrepreneurs' views on regional development, their motivation to be a member of the branding organisation and above all: to inquire into the value of collaboration, branding, quality certificates etc.

Knowledge transfer

The information obtained has led to new insights into the usefulness, opportunities and the relevance of quality assurance for the regional development process. These insights have led to three "lessons from Cork to Brabant" and to recommendations, also for other branding initiatives. This knowledge is also disseminated to third parties in a brochure by the Region Value Society.

More information

Organisations: Stichting Kempen Goed: (Dutch only)

                      Streekorganisatie Het Groene Woud: (Dutch only)

Report:           Gebiedsontwikkeling met de Fuchsiabrand in West Cork (in Dutch)

Brochure:        Experiences with regional branding from Ireland, translated to Brabant 

                      (to be translated in English)

Het Groene WoudKempengoed 

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