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Fieldtrips for partners of an Interreg project

Lifescape - your landscape

Lifescape - your landscape was an interregional project that ran from mid 2004 to mid 2008. Fourteen partners have conducted 20 major projects, building bridges between cities and the countryside in five Western European countries by reinforcing regional cooperation and economic development. The objective was to find a new, sustainable balance between working, living and environment. Landscapes were seen as source of inspiration, identity and economic opportunities. The Lifescape project was funded by the EU Interreg III-B programme.

Cities meet countryside

For the half-yearly forum of the Lifescape partners, Interactive Consult has arranged four field trips (expeditions) to practical projects. The overall theme was the meeting between cities and countryside. Selection of projects to be visited was based on the relationship with the Lifescape goals:

Raising awareness and mobilisation of residents of the region (as a step to a stronger civil participation)

Developing of nature and landscape-oriented agricultural businesses

Working on consumer bonding, and cooperation in regional, short chains


The projects visited were:

revitalising a nature theatre

peer reviewing the plans for a botanical garden

overcoming difficulties in starting a day care nursery on a farm

optimising the business model of a care farm

These projects themselves were no part of the Interreg project. By choosing non Lifescape related projects we offered opportunities for the Lifescape partners to disseminate their knowledge and experiences to new audiences, and for the people involved in the visited projects to consult foreign practitioners.

More information

See the websites of the closed Interreg project:



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