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Green Agenda in Romania

Network collaboration

Green Agenda is a participatory method for developing and implementing strategies for sustainable development at local level with active participation of the local community. The method is being used by Milieukontakt International for supporting and training of NGOs in new and candidate EU member states.

Interactive Consult has been asked by Milieukontakt to provide her with expertise in a training seminar in Tirgu Mures - Romania for NGOs from Romania and Bulgaria.

Shifting focus from environment to sustainability

Governmental authorities of new and candidate EU member states often focus on economic development and construction of infrastructure, co-financed by EU funds. Issues of societal development have low priority.

NGOs are mostly forerunners in new developments. The NGOs that participated in the Green Agenda training initially focused their activities on environmental issues. The training seminar helped them to acquire the knowledge and skills for integrated sustainable development. Much attention was also given to initiating and guiding citizen participation, similar to area development processes in the Netherlands.

Input of cases, experiences and knowledge

As requested, we gave presentations on the concept of sustainability, how it has been given place in Dutch policy and the way it has been implemented in many projects on local level. By combining the input of practices from Dutch and other European regions with visits to various projects in Romania, the participants were able to immediately integrate their own experiences and newly acquired knowledge into the first ideas for sustainability projects.

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