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Exploring Dutch - Hungarian cooperation

Hungarian peasants in search of dairy knowledge

Together with other organisations and individuals, Interactive Consult investigates the opportunities for a collaborative project between the Netherlands and Hungary. Direct cause was the need of a number of cheese making Hungarian peasants for dairy knowledge of Dutch cheese making practitioners in order to improve the quality of their cheeses. But it is about more than just knowledge: also technical equipment is needed and a co-operative and marketing model, adjusted to the Hungarian situation.

Initiator and culinary journalist Tom de Smet believes that the initiative of these Hungarian peasants will be more feasible if it connects to reinforcement of culinary traditions. In the original (food) culture Hungarians used to cook and dine together and in the open air on several occasions. Rehabilitation of such traditions may enhance rural development. Likewise, in the nineties the Hungarian vineculture has been revived with expertise from Spain, Italy and France.

Culinary traditions and provenance of food opportunities for Dutch farmers

Also Dutch (dairy) farmers are looking for diversification: new (dairy) products for alternative marketing channels. Regionalization may provide opportunities, that is: production and sales of dairy products in the same region instead of locally producing milk for global export. In the Netherlands we seem to have lost most of the connections between consumers and producers. Nevertheless, societal interest in provenance of food and food quality is growing in our country. What opportunities does this offer to entrepreneurs? What can we learn from the Hungarian culture and traditions? .

flag HU-Brabant​Together with other stakeholders we seek (dairy) entrepreneurs with an eye for culinary traditions, and interest in product development and regionalization of production and sales. Interested parties are invited to express their interest at our contact address.

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