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Regional development at the Maasmeanders

Outline of the situation

In the region of the river Meuse north of the city of Oss entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to enhance the region's perspective. The number of farms is decreasing and employment and quality of life are under pressure. At the same time the economic potential of the region is growing by the increasing social recognition of the region's core values such as peace, space and recreational opportunities. The Society of Maasmeanders entrepreneurs understands the changes taking place and sees the leisure sector as a new social and economic stimulus.

In various reports by researchers and consultants the region's perspective has been surveyed. Now it was time for the transition from advice to business initiatives. This was put in motion on a members' meeting with the motto: fresh ideas, own initiative.

Process intervention and initiative development

Interactive Consult has conducted the members' meeting. By deploying relevant stakeholders to work as facilitators, parties were brought together and became involved in the development process. The participants themselves were set to work out ideas. Groups of members of the Maasmeanders have since started pilots for new entrepreneurial activities.

We have visualised the regional development process, using the parable of Kotter en Rathgeber about penguins in the Antarctic: Our iceberg is melting! This parable provides tools for pursuing the

area's process and the professionalization of entrepreneurship. The report Building Collaboration expresses the analysis and lessons from the development process. Furthermore, in the report we have grouped the ideas of the entrepreneurs at the members' meeting into building blocks for value creation: the basis for economic stimuli. The report has been summarized by the Regional Value Society in a brochure.

More information (in Dutch only)
Society of Maasmeanders entrepreneurs:
Report: Bouwen aan samenwerking (Building Collaboration, in Dutch)

Bouwen aan samenwerking (samenvatting) 

(summary of Building Collaboration, in Dutch, by Regiowaarde)

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